Please Donate Towards Our 2017 Dreamland School Continuing Education Fund. No Amount Is Too Small. Every Dollar Helps.
Thank You.


Dreamland School is a community charter school which receives absolutely no government funding or subsidies. All its activities and projects are funded through school fees and donations. Because the children of Dreamland are orphans, it is very difficult for them to pay even the most minimal fees. Therefore, the donors are the lifeline of the school. 

The school prides itself on its ambitious goals, which include providing a quality education, food and shelter to its students, providing a safe environment for them to learn and grow, with the end goal of preparing them to pass the Nationwide Senior High School entrance exams, so that they may go on to high school and beyond.

Any donation amount helps contribute to this mission and donations can be separated into one of three categories:

1) General Donation: Used to help in the day-to-day functioning of the school, provide meals, school supplies, teacher salaries, etc.

2) Campus Construction: The goal is to of a self-contained campus with all facilities including dormitories. Without donations the project stalls and the mission of the school cannot be realized. 

3) Continuing Education: Help sponsor Dreamland graduates so they can continue their education in high schools around the country: Donate to the general fund or choose one specific child to sponsor.